Mazda Vision Study: the successor to the MX-5 could be 100% electric

The Japanese brand presented its electrification strategy for the coming years, where this two-seater sports coupe concept was the star.

Mazda has presented its future plan for the coming years, the axis of which will be the progressive electrification of its catalog. A three-phase strategy, which aims for 40% of the Japanese brand’s sales to be battery-powered cars by 2030. As well as by 2050 achieve carbon neutrality.

Alongside the reveal of its roadmap, the Japanese brand unveiled the Mazda Vision Study, an impressive coupe concept that we hope foreshadows the future design of the Miata. Indeed, during the video released by the firm, this prototype appears just after the four generations put on sale of the iconic sports two-seater.

Launched in 1989, the MX-5 -also known by this name- was a success. The fourth generation, which debuted in 2014, is already in need of a replacement, and this concept could foreshadow its design cues. It can mainly be thought of as the replacement for the Miata because it is small, with simple lines and has the proportions of the classic sports car with a front engine and rear wheel drive.

Mazda has expressed its desire to maintain this formula for its fifth generation, but given the progress of emission standards in the main markets where it is offered, it is not surprising that it embraces electrification, even if it whether as a hybrid or a mild hybrid remains to be seen. The reason would be to keep the weight low, one of the historical characteristics of the model, which would be altered by the weight of the large electric motor and the battery.

Going back to the Mazda Vision study, while its suicide doors are one of the defining features of the concept, we don’t expect it to be part of a production model. The rest of this sports car seems doable, even if it remains almost fantasy. Its wide hips, pointed front fenders and low hood. An illuminated Mazda logo mounted low in the grille and slim, protruding front lighting elements are other stylish touches.

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