Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Mercedes-Benz is preparing an electric G-Class and we already know the first data

The future EQG will have up to four battery-powered motors.

The development of the first electric G-Class is halfway through, and it is estimated that it will go on sale in 2024 under the acronym EQG. Suddenly, Mercedes-Benz took advantage of advancing some details on what we should expect.

Thus, the future battery-powered G-Class will have up to four motors, almost 700 hp of power and a level of off-road capability that will be on par with the petrol model. As published by Autocar magazine, the star firm promises an “unrivaled combination of luxury and all-terrain capability for electric vehicles”.

On the other hand, instead of the specific platform for electric cars that all major models of the EQ family have used, the future EQG will use a modified version of the chassis of the combustion G-Class, in order to protect the electrical components. . off-road activities to which you may be subjected.

Likewise, it will use lithium-ion batteries “of about 100 kWh”, which will be located under the rear seat, where it will be protected by a steel trunk and will not be abused by dust and possible blows.

It will have a motor at each wheel, managed by a two-speed mechanical gearbox with high and low range ratios, so it will retain the gearbox. It will include G-Turn mode where the wheels on one side turn forwards and those on the other turn backwards to perform 360º turns.

Although nothing is yet known about its range, the German firm says that regenerative braking in normal and off-road driving conditions has been essential thanks to the four motors.

As for its aesthetics, the future EQG will be very similar to the conventional G-Class, with the typical changes that identify electric cars, such as the closed grill.

Source: Latercera

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