Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Counterfeits are in fashion… in Italy a fake Ferrari is surprised

Italian police caught a young man who modified a Toyota to make it look like a Cavallino.

Apparently, the issue of counterfeiting is not only in the news in Chile. If in our country the problem has gone through thousands of fake sneakers or for sportswear in the warehouses of La Polar, in Italy it went a little further, since the peninsular police confiscated nothing less than a fake Ferrari.

The unusual situation happened in Asti, in northwestern Italy, where police arrested a 26-year-old man for counterfeiting a Ferrari F430, a model that even had the word Pininfarina – the designer of the F430- on the side.

Apparently, the young man modified a Toyota in its exterior appearance, giving it the Cavallino suit, however, he was stopped during a street check while driving the vehicle, which alerted the authorities.

The sports car, which was a Toyota MR Coupé, had its body modified and the emblems, shields, logos, tires, brake calipers, bonnet, wheel guards and even the steering wheel were changed.

Thus, with such a level of modifications, when the police saw the vehicle, they doubted the legality of the model, for which they confiscated the car and reported the owner to the prosecution for “unauthorized use of registered trademarks”.

After the incident, police said in a statement that “the seizure of one of the world’s best-known and most-loved symbols of Italian style responds to the Finance Guard’s ongoing commitment to fight the shackles illegal supply of fake Made in Italy”.

To corroborate the deception, the model was sent to be certified by experts, so as to leave no doubt about the matter.

Thus, unlike what happened in Chile, where those responsible for the fake sneakers were immediately released, the man from Asti will have to answer before the prosecution for “the unauthorized use of registered trademarks”.

Source: Latercera

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