The first copies of the Tesla truck are delivered

According to Elon Musk, the Semi can travel just over 800 kilometers on a single charge.

And the day came, Tesla delivered the first units of its Semi truck. Your first customer? Pepsi, the cola drink company, which took delivery at an event at the Nevada plant, where new data was released.

So Elon Musk has revealed that the Tesla Semi can travel up to 500 miles (just over 800 km) on a single battery charge and towing a trailer loaded with the maximum allowable weight for the truck of 82,000 pounds (37,194 kg).

Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk speaks with Dan Priestly, Senior Manager of Tesla Semi Truck Engineering, during the live unveiling of the Tesla Semi electric truck, in Nevada, United States, December 1, 2022, in this still image taken from a video. Tesla/Handout via REUTERS THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. DO NOT SOLVE. DO NOT ARCHIVE

On the other hand, Musk had previously announced that the average energy expenditure is 2 kilowatt hours per mile, which translates to about 125 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers.

At the battery level, what we know is that the Semi works with a 1,000 volt architecture. To recharge it, Tesla developed a liquid-cooled charging cable capable of delivering 1 megawatt of power. In theory, you’ll be able to recharge your battery up to 70% in just 30 minutes.

Musk revealed other data, such as the truck’s large number of components from other Tesla models. And it is that the brand is a great specialist in cost reduction and component sharing.

Therefore, the inverters, motors, power electronics, air conditioning and infotainment system were taken from other Tesla models. For example, the motors are “essentially” the same as in the Tesla Model S and X Plaid.

Finally, and although important information has been delivered, its weight and price still remain to be known. The first thing is vitally important, as this will determine the maximum load it can withstand. The heavier the Semi, the less load it can support.

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