BYD plans to sell electric car with sodium batteries for $7.5 million

The Seagull would be a small utility vehicle and would become the cheapest electric car on the Chinese market.

A blow to the electric vehicle market is in the hands of BYD. The Chinese brand which, as we announced to you a few days ago, will again be marketed in Chile in the passenger segment, is a manufacturer that calls itself technological, and in particular in the development of batteries.

Thanks to this knowledge and the growth of the brand in recent years, various media have reported that BYD will present a vehicle next year in China that will have a price of 8,000 euros, or about 7.5 million pesos. With this, it would become the cheapest electric on the market.

The recipe that would allow BYD to drastically lower costs would be in batteries.

The vehicles currently use lithium-ion batteries, but the Chinese firm would give way to sodium batteries, which offer greater autonomy, in addition to cost savings of up to 80%, more charges that allow reaching 80 % in just 15 minutes.

Of course, there are specialists who indicate that the energy density of sodium batteries would be lower than that of their lithium counterparts, so they could not reach the same capacities, even if in small spaces they could work without inconvenience.

The new project with sodium batteries is so advanced that it even has a name, but unlike other BYD models, it does not bear the name of a Chinese dynasty. In this case, the chosen name is Seagull and it could debut in China in mid-2023.

As for the details, it is said to be a small utility 3.6 meters long. The autonomy would be 300 kilometers and would carry the first mass-produced sodium battery.

Although the BYD Seagull would debut the technology with sodium batteries, the brand could increase the options with this type of battery to other electric models in the current catalog, of course with a lower price, which would allow BYD to be more competitive and thus reach a greater number of people.

Source: Latercera


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