“Zero Days Patent”: New cars must leave with their license plates installed at the dealership

The new regulations also toughen penalties for those driving without them.

It’s already the law: new cars must be delivered with their license plates installed. This will now be required by the “Zero Days Patent” regulation, which also toughens the penalties for drivers of vehicles driving without them.

Specifically, the modification of transit law 18,290 has been formalized, which eliminates the exception that allowed circulation for five days without the unique identification plate (PPU) from the delivery of the vehicle and which imposed as an obligation the registration of this same vehicle to the owner. .

From now on, the law establishes the obligation for dealers to deliver all motorized vehicles with their application for first registration in the register of motorized vehicles of the civil status and identification service. Also, with PPUs installed.


This law establishes an exception for heavy vehicles that cannot be transported in trucks to their distributor. It will correspond to new units whose total laden weight is equal to or greater than 3,860 kilograms, which will circulate with a special permit.

Likewise, a transitional article has been incorporated, in which it is established that there will be a delay of 12 months for motorcycles that run outside the standard to be approved.

During this period, their owners must obtain the respective technical inspection certificate and register them in the register of motor vehicles to obtain their PPU.

He adds that those who circulate without the homologation certificate or without the PPU after the time indicated will be penalised.


To all the above is added another important change, since driving without a license plate goes from a serious traffic violation to a very serious violation, exposing oneself to fines ranging from 10 to 50 UTM ($619,500 to $3,100,000 approximately). ), both for users and marketers.

To this could be added – without excluding the above – the suspension of the driving license for a period ranging from 5 to 45 days.

Source: Latercera


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