Electric Ferraris will roar from a fake exhaust

Ferrari works to ensure that the sound of its cars remains a trademark even if they are electric.

The first electric Ferrari will be discovered in 2025. A great challenge with great expectations to be met not only in performance, but also in sound. And it is that the soundtrack of the cylinders of a Prancing Horse V8 or V12 engine and burning gasoline is most evocative for fans.

It is a fundamental element of the Ferrari experience and the brand knows it and is working on it. As you discovered carburetorthose from Maranello filed a very peculiar patent at the United States Registry Office.

We’re talking about a sound reproduction system that, according to the plans, appears to have a single speaker near the rear of the car. It can therefore be considered as a kind of exhaust pipe. The objective is to associate this sound with what is really happening in the engine, something that also serves as a reference for the driver to have a good “feedback”.

This mechanism will extract sounds from electric motors as well as various powertrain components. By measuring the resonant frequencies of the engine, transmission, differential and even the wheels, an electronic control unit will measure the data and combine it with the rotational frequency of the motors in order to balance everything.

Thus, everything indicates that the sound that the electric Ferraris of the future will generate will be a novelty linked to this technology, and not an imitation of a combustion engine.

Source: Latercera


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