Ford Ranger breaks Guinness World Record on two wheels

He crossed a space only 88 centimeters wide. Even though it may not seem like it, it is a great achievement.

Paul Swift is a British citizen who makes his living performing stunts and stunts for action films. He is also known for accumulating records, like the one he just achieved at the controls of a Ford Ranger Raptor.

As part of Guinness World Record Day, celebrated yesterday November 16, the Englishman managed to travel with the American pick-up on only two wheels through a space that measures only 88 centimeters wide.

Although it sounds easy, Swift says she faced significant challenges setting the record and only succeeded after a few failed attempts. Firstly, the unfavorable wind conditions posed a major obstacle for the driver.

Likewise, the size and weight of the Ranger Raptor forced the Briton and his team to reinforce the ramp that launched the left side of the vehicle into the air. Additionally, the height of the suspension made it difficult to keep stable on two wheels. However, the Raptor’s sturdy construction allowed it to land on its wheels without worry.

“It’s fantastic to achieve this record, especially on Guinness World Records Day. Being part of such a special group of people is fantastic. “I have used this car for many other stunts recently, on various filming jobs, and have found it to be somewhat indestructible,” notes Swift.

Swift also holds other Guinness Records, including tightest parallel parking in an electric vehicle, most donuts around a motorcycle while performing a wheelie in one minute, and shortest time to perform five stunts with a car.

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