The technology that powered Max Verstappen’s triple championship at Red Bull

A structure that provides real-time data enabled decisions to be made that helped achieve the team’s goals.

In this 2023 season the dominance of the Oracle Red Bull Racing team is maintained, which, in addition to having the star driver and three-time consecutive champion Max Verstappen, has a strategic approach that constantly relies on data to maintain excellence and making decisions. in real time that help achieve team goals, combining the best of sport and technology to stand out on the field.

2021 and 2022: OCI debuts in Formula 1 with high-speed simulations

The 2021 season with 23 podiums and the proclamation of Max Verstappen as drivers’ champion, witnessed the effects of the innovative alliance between Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Oracle RedBull Racing, based on the implementation of OCI for the strategic decision making. this allowed the team to achieve memorable results during the year.

Formula One F1 – Las Vegas Grand Prix – Las Vegas Strip Circuit, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States – November 16, 2023 Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in action during practice REUTERS/Mike Blake

In the words of Oracle RedBull Racing CEO Christian Horner, “OCI allowed us to make the right decisions for each race day, which helped us achieve great results, such as Max Verstappen’s championship victory. 2021 drivers.”

Motivated by the benefits that Oracle technology brought to the previous time, the team decided to extend its use for 2022 and 2023, based on Monte Carlo simulations, a mechanism to apply randomness to the solution of a problem, great speed. Running these simulations generated significant economic efficiencies, cementing the team’s position as a leader on the Formula 1 grid.

2023: beyond the circuits

With over 100 billion race strategy simulations, the team has reaffirmed its confidence in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure technology as a competitive advantage over other racers.

“Our team’s performance relies on data analysis and having this technology gives us the confidence to analyze and respond appropriately based on the experience we have gained from it,” Horner said.

In addition to the Formula 1 team, OCI technology also impacts key areas such as the Esports team and RedBull Powertrains, and has been supporting the development of a new generation of hybrid engines and the analysis of quality which contributes to the improvement of the decision. to face the concurrence.

The alliance between Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle RedBull Racing continues to drive the team’s innovation process, improving its performance in Formula 1, demonstrating that cutting-edge technology can redefine the limits of the impossible, even in the sports car.

Source: Oracle Red Bull Racing

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