Santiago firefighters sign “Electromobility Commitment” and acquire zero-emission cars

The firefighters signed this agreement with SQM, Copec, BMW and KIA. He also presented the electric cars that will be integrated into the command to transport duty officers in case of emergency.

As part of its 160th anniversary, which will be commemorated on December 20, the Santiago firefighters are strengthening their vision for the future and their concern for the environment, by signing the “Electromobility Commitment” and presenting the first vehicles electric vehicles that will add to your fleet.

“Throughout its 160-year history, the Santiago Fire Department has been characterized by being at the forefront of community needs. This is how, 150 years ago, he brought the first car bomb to Latin America. Today, aware of the negative effects of climate change and the need to find different energy solutions, we want to move forward in electromobility and contribute to sustainable development, while adhering to the National Strategy that the government has developed in this regard. “, explained Pablo Cortés de Solminihac, CBS superintendent.

Present at the presentation ceremony were representatives of the brands that have become CBS partners to carry out the institution’s electromobility project: SQM, Copec, Kia and BMW.

With these companies, the Santiago Fire Department signed the “Electromobility Commitment”, which includes support for the acquisition of new emergency vehicles, training for electric car accidents and the promotion of electromobility.

“The collaboration of SQM, Copec, BMW and Kia is essential in this declaration, because without them it would not have been possible to deepen and put into practice our policy of electromobility and environmental protection”, added Superintendent Pablo Cortés.

This alliance with private companies is an example of CBS’s motivation to add less energy-polluting machines. During this year, the institution confirmed that it was acquiring the first electric fire truck in Latin America, which the Austrian brand Rosenbauer should put into circulation on the streets of the capital during the year 2025.

In this project, the institution works in collaboration with SQM, Copec and BMW, companies that participated financially to make the $1.5 million investment involved in the initiative.

In this regard, José Miguel Berguño, Vice President of Corporate Services of SQM, stated that “our company supports all initiatives that advance sustainability, and an example of this is SQM’s collaboration in the acquisition of a car -electric pump for the Santiago firefighters, which places Chile at the forefront of electromobility. Furthermore, it is a clear example of the importance of sustainable lithium production, since it is a car bomb that runs on lithium batteries and therefore contributes to decarbonization at scale. worldwide.

Juan Pablo Doñas, head of corporate affairs at Copec, added that “on the path to electromobility for firefighters we want to be a support, because this has always been the case and it will not be an exception. “We will take advantage of all the experience gained with Copec Voltex, in grid electric charging infrastructure throughout the country, in solutions for industries and residences, and from there we will bring what we know how to do .”

KIA electric cars for the Command

The occasion also served to present the first electric cars that the Santiago firefighters will have. These are two KIA Niro EVs and a Kia EV9, which the brand of Korean origin delivers for the exclusive use of guard officers, commanders and captains responsible for directing the emergencies that occur daily in the city.

The KIA Niro EV is an SUV-type vehicle, with a capacity of five passengers, lithium-ion batteries and a range of 460 kilometers. The EV9, on the other hand, can accommodate seven people inside and has a range of 497 kilometers.

Source: Latercera


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