Chery clearly indicates that it is going further: 20,000 patents in research and development

Important news comes from the Chinese manufacturer – at least – that was made clear during the Chery Tech Day event.

The Chinese brand represented in Chile by Astara, experienced a historic day within its development center located in Wuhu, organizing the Chery Tech Day, an event that brought together guests from more than 30 countries with the aim of showing everything the technological potential that will be exported throughout the world.

Chery already accumulates more than 20,000 patents that reinforce the company’s technological and innovative sense, which range from complex charging management systems for electric vehicles, to functional aspects such as simplified control modules that save 60 % space, thus allowing better use of the dimensions of each vehicle. .

During this major event, it took the opportunity to unveil its new MARS 2.0 modular architecture, designed to support the manufacturing of vehicles of the future, capable of enabling the manufacturing of vehicles in all segments, from compact models to MPVs, with effective use of structural rigidity, low center of gravity and high autonomy.

The foundations of the new Chery Group platform will even allow the addition of autonomous driving systems as permitted by global regulations, since its control modules are designed from the start to be able to take full control of the vehicle with updates. material updates, which can equip the LIDAR. systems.

In addition, Chery seeks to strengthen the manufacturing of environmentally friendly models and expand to each market ecological alternatives that allow each region to access electrification, adapting hybridization at its different levels to reality of each market, with the aim of accelerating the transition towards a sustainable future.

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