The heat is coming, have you done maintenance on the car’s air conditioning?

That day, temperatures of 28 degrees were recorded in the capital and tomorrow 30 are expected. That is why we have prepared different tips to conserve one of the most valuable assets of our days.

Without a doubt, if there is one element of comfort on hot days, it is the air conditioning fundamental element for keep us cool on board , whether inside a taco or simply on the road. This is why we provide you with different treatments to keep it in the best possible condition.

Although November was a month in the central area of ​​the country where there were low temperatures and even rain, now the approaching panorama that we are already experiencing is that of heat waves, which makes us want to live with the air. .air conditioning, whether at home, in the office or in the car.

How to maintain a car’s air conditioning?

This is why it must be clear that this system, Whether air conditioning or air conditioning, they require a particular circuit in which a compressor must operate in optimal conditions. so that the gas produces a chemical reaction, cools the air and expands it in the cabin through the ventilation grilles or aerators.

There are systems that warn of a loss of efficiency, for example when the cabin temperature increases when losing speed. However, there are other times when the failure is more sudden, because the compressor stops suddenly or there is a large leak or loose seal.

Although the problem is usually simple to detect and explain, it can be costly to fix if it involves disassembling the entire dashboard.

Before reviewing the different tips, it is important to know what elements make them up because each of them performs different functions for their proper use.

1. Compressor: This element is responsible for sucking in the gas to compress it

2. Capacitor: It transforms the refrigerant into a liquid state and once expanded, it cools the interior.

3. Filter: Its mission is to eliminate humidity by drying the air and refrigerant impurities

4. Regulator: This feeds the liquid evaporator and is responsible for ensuring that it exits as air.

5. Evaporator: cools the air entering the compressor.

Now knowing what elements it is made up of, let’s now move on to the different tips for taking care of air conditioning and using it best in periods of high temperatures.

How to maintain a car’s air conditioning?
  • Don’t set it to maximum from the start: It is better to connect it when the engine has been running for a few minutes and not set it to maximum from the start, but gradually adjust the temperature, otherwise you will force the system to make additional efforts for no reason.
  • Keep filters in good condition: It is necessary to keep cabin filters clean and in good condition, because if they are dirty, the flow efficiency may decrease, and the cold air may even end up dissipating before reaching the interior of the cabin. the passenger compartment. In addition, if they are damp because they are not changed on time, turning on the air conditioning will be a real ordeal because it will release unpleasant odors.
  • Keep windows closed: This seems obvious, but it is always good to remember that when used with the windows open, it will consume more coolant and fuel and will not be able to reach the ideal temperature inside.
  • Battery: Although it may seem strange, the good condition of the battery is linked to the optimal functioning of the compressor and the digital controls which manage the air conditioning. In addition, it is important not to overuse the use of jumpers to start or overload them as they could damage many systems that depend on electronics and, therefore, also the air conditioning or air conditioning system.
  • Watch out for leaks: It is difficult to detect with the naked eye, but it must be considered that leaks cause the level and pressure of the air conditioning to vary, so the cooling of the cabin will be slower and slower.
  • Turn it off when you know you’re about to arrive: It is recommended to turn it off between 5 and 10 minutes before arriving at the final destination and this way you will avoid traces of humidity remaining in the system.
  • Think about short trips: If you are going to travel a very short distance, evaluate whether it is better to lower the windows, because you will force the system for a time during which you will barely benefit from the drop in temperature on board and you will force it. work excessively and for almost nothing the compressor and gas of your vehicle.

How often should you check the condition of the air conditioning?

According to Professor Hugo Cubillos, professor at the School of Engineering and Natural Resources of Duoc UC at the Maipú headquarters, he emphasized that “air conditioning is a pressurized system with a closed circuit of refrigerant gas, so it is advisable to follow each vehicle’s maintenance guide, but this can be done before high temperatures develop. “To ensure you have an air conditioning system in perfect condition. »

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