The other tragedy of Locomía: when Santos Blanco, the “blond member” died suddenly

In 2018, the famous Spanish group had already suffered the sudden death of one of its emblematic members, Santos Blanco, at the age of 46. Added to this is the departure these days of Francesc Picas, who was active in the group’s glory years.

The pop memory of a generation has been painted with mourning. Locomía, this group as offbeat as it is danceable and suggestive, the incarnation of perpetually moving fans and impossible shoulder pads, has lost one of its own.

Francesc Picas, one of the most histrionic members of the Spanish team, has died at the age of 53. The news was announced on the night of Tuesday, November 22, through a fan page on Facebook, where it was reported that relatives of the artist had informed them that the singer had lost his life on the 18th of this month.

Later, the fact was made official and amplified on the singer’s official social networks. On his Instagram, his family posted: “To all friends and followers of FRANCESC PICAS: Francesc’s Light has gone out in this life, but it never will in eternity. He remains in the hearts and memories of all those who loved him so much. Family and friends, in this very painful situation, ask for respect for privacy and for his human and artistic heritage to be preserved with all the love and respect it deserves. Thank you for your understanding and support. Family”.

The reasons for the death of the artist who joined Locomía at the age of 17 to replace founder Xavier Font, who decided to take on a more creative and managerial role, have also not been revealed. The ideal candidate was therefore a young man who, at the time, was an anonymous journalism student.

Once integrated into Locomía, Picas was part of the most famous formation in Spain and Latin America, and despite the changes that occurred in the following years, he was one of those who had their place assured until the end of the 90s…

Certainly, the departure of Picas is not the first to mark the history of the men of crazy voice during the last years.

“He didn’t wake up.”

Santos Blanco, a member of Locomía’s first lineup, died at the age of 46 on June 15, 2018, as Tarré Management, the company that represents the group, reported at the time. Jordi Tarré, representative of the group, then explained to the Spanish newspaper El País, during a telephone conversation, that, according to the family’s testimony, he had died naturally. “He didn’t wake up. “We don’t know any more,” he added.

As in the case of Spades, a certain mystery also surrounded his departure. His former colleagues said they were “devastated”.

“Today it is time to say goodbye to a unique being who left an indelible mark,” the group said in 2018 via its official Facebook page. “Santos arrived in Locomía at a time of peak and great success for the group. His appearance was essential to shine like no other during this unforgettable festival in Viña del Mar in 1992. His angelic face and his body passionate about dancing made him unforgettable in this concept,” they add in their tribute.

Additionally, they add a concept: Santos was known as “the blond member” among the ranks of men who once elevated that position. Rumba Samba Mambo.

For the rest, the information about his death reached his representatives through a Uruguayan fan who was still in contact with Santos Blanco, who at that time lived in Gijón and was no longer linked to the world at all music. He was immersed in a sort of retirement.

Francesc Picas, one of the most emblematic members of Locomía, dies at 53
Francesc Picas, one of the most emblematic members of Locomía, dies at 53

Locomía was established in 1984. In 2011, they reunited again, but with new members. The group was formed as a fashion designer group which later evolved into a musical group. Its first members were Xavier Font, Luis Font, Gard Passchier and Manuel Arjona, according to its official website. The first album was released in 1989 and Passchier and Font were no longer part of the group, they were replaced by Carlos Armas and Juan Antonio Fuentes. Santos Blanco replaced Juan Antonio Fuentes at the Viña del Mar Festival in 1992.

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