The electrification market continues to grow in Chile

Cumulative sales of zero and low emission vehicles record the highest figure ever recorded in the country.

Beyond the general sales weakness of the domestic auto market, placements of new zero and low emission vehicles continue to increase. During the month of October alone, 1,101 units of this type of vehicle were sold, an increase of 30.3% compared to the same month of the previous year.

Thus, the cumulative sale so far this year reaches 7,105 units, the highest in history since ANAC has records and which implies an increase of 27.2%, compared to the same period of 2022 .

If we analyze the results by vehicle type, conventional hybrids (HEV) accumulate growth of 61.5% with 3,056 registrations in October, while 100% electric models (BEV) add 1,221 units sold, with an increase of 13.2%. period. With these results, both break records in terms of cumulative sales.

On the other hand, plug-in hybrids reached 379 units sold, a drop of 3.6%. Microhybrid vehicles (MHEV) recorded 2,203 units, a contraction of 0.9%.

The new categories of extended range electric vehicles (EREV), for their part, currently total 243 units registered in our country. “This category started to be registered this year and has proven to be an interesting option for buyers,” says Anac.

In the segment analysis, SUVs with zero and low emission technologies increased by 79.3% in October, passenger vehicles decreased by 0.2%, pickup trucks decreased by 5.7%, and vehicles Utility vehicles decreased by 59.7%, “which shows that the general public tends to appreciate SUVs over other vehicle bodies due to their versatility, practicality and variety of offerings,” says the union organization.

Regarding brands, Toyota leads the hybrid sales ranking, with 1,974 units. Much further, Haval and Hyundai follow, with 603 and 171 examples respectively.

Looking at electric cars, Mapple is the best seller with 261 drinks, followed by Kia (182) and Maxus (178). Among plug-in hybrids, the top three brands are Volvo, BMW and BYD, with 167, 106 and 52 units sold respectively.

Finally, among microhybrids, Suzuki (838), Volvo (612) and RAM (209) are at the top of the ranking.

Source: Latercera


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