LeapMotor T03: it’s the cheapest electric car in Chile

The Chinese company has the cheapest zero-emission vehicle. Purely urban in orientation, it is a new option in the field of electromobility.

Electric cars have been in the news for some time and more and more zero-emission products are being offered in our country. However, price remains one of the biggest issues.

The truth is that there are still no models at prices that most people can afford. To tackle this problem, the Cidef group added the LeapMotor brand a few weeks ago, a Chinese company which made noise in recent days when it was acquired by the Stellantis group.

It arrived in our country with the T03 model, which became the cheapest electric car in Chile. It is a zero-emission, city-focused vehicle. With a range of up to around 240 km, it presents a series of advantages, but also some points to review.

We invite you to discover the LeapMotor T03, the cheapest electric car in Chile, in the test that we publish on our YouTube channel.

Source: Latercera


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