BYD raises the bar in Chile and announces an electric truck for 2024

The electromobility giant hopes to increase its sales sixfold next year and has defined a plan with new locations and a series of new models.

On December 7, 2022, BYD officially debuted in Chile. The Chinese company, one of the largest electromobility companies in the world, returned to our country in the passenger vehicle segment with an action plan announced as progressive, step by step, however, a year after the ‘landing, The roadmap has changed and taken an aggressive leap on the offensive, as evidenced by the launch of the BYQ Qin Plus, the seventh member of the Asian manufacturer’s catalog.

Seven new models in one year is unusual for any brand. This is why during the presentation of the all-new plug-in hybrid sedan, we spoke with Cristián Garcés, director of BYD Auto, to analyze the change in strategy of the Asian manufacturer.

Cristián Garcés, director of BYD Chile

The manager recalls that the initial plan was to have two stores and three models in the range. But the numbers have been adjusted and this year they will close with five stores. The first was Movicenter, then came Padre Hurtado (Vitacura). This month it will be the turn of Mall Plaza Vespucio, while the opening of Mall Plaza Los Dominicos is scheduled for December. Added to this is the presence in Viña del Mar.

Growth at the local network level will not stop. The new headquarters in La Dehesa (formerly Infiniti) and the expansion in the regions are expected for July 2024. In total, next year there will be 16 locations in Chile, bringing the 8+8 plan to life, with eight sites in the metropolitan area and eight in the regions, and coverage from Antofagasta to Puerto Montt.

This widespread presence has a clear reason. Strengthen the presence of the brand and thus be able to increase sales, which this year will total nearly 300 units. And for 2024, the objective is extremely ambitious, since Garcés himself specifies that they hope to sell 1,800 units, or six times the registrations in a single season. And it doesn’t stop there. By 2025, it is expected to sell 3,300 units, increasing to 7,330 in 2026 and reaching 12,000 in 2027.

Big increase in range

BYD’s bet in Chile may seem a bit excessive, especially considering that sector projections do not indicate major variations in 2024. In addition, electrified vehicles (plug-in hybrids and electric) have not yet strongly detached.

According to figures presented by BYD Chile, between January and October of this year, 1,600 electrified units were sold, of which 1,221 correspond to 100% electric and 379 units to plug-in hybrids.

In this list, BYD is already starting to take center stage. The Yuan Plus sold 86 units in the first 10 months of the year and is the fourth most registered electric vehicle in the country, surpassed only by the Maple 60S (261), Kia Niro (182) and Maxus eDeliver3 (101). Another important model is the Song Plus DM-i, with 52 units and in tenth place among the electrified ones.

In this context, Cristián Garcés is betting on a winner for 2024 with the new stores and an expansion of the range which will see the arrival of the new Tang, the Seagull EV which will be called Dolphin Mini and the new Seal. These facelifts will be joined by the first PHEV pickup, the refreshed Song Plus DM-i, the Sea Lion, the Yuan Up and the Song Plus Pro DM-i and Tang DM-i plug-in hybrids.

With this, the brand will have an offer that will allow it to have a product every 5 million pesos between 20 and 80 million pesos.

Another sector that will be strongly attacked will be the My Electric Taxi program, a government service that allows up to 16 million reductions on the renewal of a taxi with a thermal engine for an electric vehicle.

If this year BYD managed to sell 70 units, by 2024 the objective is to occupy 600 units out of the 1,500 places that the government will deliver since January.

As you can see, this is a very aggressive plan with which it will seek to become a reference in the local market, dreaming that in a few years it will be able to fight for first place among the best-selling brands. Today it seems a long way off, but five years ago few would have bet on BYD’s current global growth, which has made it the manufacturer that sells the largest number of electrified cars in the world.

Source: Latercera


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