Kia rises into the air after hitting a Silverado tire

The shocking footage was recorded by a camera inside a Tesla.

Worthy of an action movie. It’s about this strange accident, which was filmed by a TeslaCam in Los Angeles, California, and which occurred between a Kia Soul and a Chevrolet Silverado.

It turns out that the driver of the Korean crossover was the victim of an incredibly inopportune moment, passing by the pickup when a wheel came loose, hitting him with such force that he was lifted into the airs.

Then the Kia rolled several times, then landed on the hood and got up again. Meanwhile, the Silverado’s freewheel returned to the scene, striking him again, but this time crashing into the rear of the vehicle.

According to Twitter user Anoop_Khatra, who was driving the Tesla that recorded this strange accident, the person driving the Kia got out of the car without serious injuries, which we are deeply happy about.

Source: Latercera


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