You have not seen it ? know the spot with which Exeed won an Effie award in Chile

The Chinese company received bronze in the Launches category for its work that combines a child’s fantasy with the brand’s technology.

Exeed received great news. The Chinese company that came to the national market to compete in a premium segment received this month the award Effie Prize Bronze in the “Launch” category. This is due to the successful landing on national soil during its first year of marketing.

According to the prize website where the price is explained, “positioning a brand of Chinese origin in the luxury segment, with a target looking for traditional brands, is quite a challenge. When the Exeed brand was launched, Astara planned to sell 367 SUVs in the first four months. He decided to generate traffic to the website and leads that could translate into sales, for which he had to increase his social media followers. Considering that its target combines luxury and technology, it based its campaign on Exeed technology, transforming the SUV into a spaceship. To do this, he used the codes of Western brands. In five months, it became the 28th brand in the SUV segment, ahead of brands like Volvo and Mercedes Benz.

On the question of the insertion of a new member in the Chilean automobile market, Exeed indicated that “the positioning of a new vehicle brand is an absolute challenge and the positioning of a premium brand is even more complicated, this due to the constant psychological barriers of the public, who do not “You should not only be surprised by the products presented, but the whole experience, from the moment you discover the existence of this new brand, should be superior. “

It was at this stage that Exeed worked with its entire marketing team and media agencies, who managed to capture the premium essence of each of the activities, communications and experiences linked to the brand, which had an impact on sales that exceed 1,000 units sold in its first year of presence in Chile, surpassing the number of most German, Swedish and Japanese references in the segment.

Below is the spot that Exeed took to the podium with at the 2023 Effie Awards.

Source: Latercera


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