Tesla sues Swedish postal service for not delivering mail

The California-based company also took on the Scandinavian country’s transportation agency in a fight based on contractual issues with workers.

Tesla is still in the news. Perhaps it is because of the Cybertruck truck that took longer than expected or because of the imminent arrival in Chile, the truth is that the Californian brand continues to be in the eye of the hurricane. Today the point of conflict is the problems in Sweden.

The manufacturer’s waste is due to the fact that the Swedish Transport Agency And Postnord, the Scandinavian country’s main postal service, is involved in a strike led by IF Metall, the union representing mechanics in Sweden.

And why is Tesla involved? The fact is that Elon Musk’s brand does not want to sign a collective agreement with workers, as all companies do, thus breaking with Swedish labor practices.

It is for this reason that several unions have spoken out against the manufacturer, which constitutes their main support for Swedish mechanics. And among the measures taken by the postal service is the refusal to deliver mail and shipments intended for Tesla in this country.

“It has become a profoundly harmful instrument in the labor market conflict, which affects Tesla and, above all, its employees and customers,” commented the Swedish subsidiary of the manufacturer.

Due to this situation, Tesla filed a lawsuit demanding a fine of one million Swedish crowns (approximately 88,000 euros) from the agency. Additionally, the manufacturer filed a lawsuit against Postnord Sweden, demanding that the mail be delivered to them, along with the cars’ patents and documents.

Of course, the postal service indicated that it was using its right to strike as a force majeure event, so that it could stop shipments to Tesla without breaking Swedish law.

Tesla is not happy with this decision, noting that “Postnord has made a decision claiming that ‘force majeure’ exists and has therefore become a nefarious instrument in the labor market conflict.” “This action is so remarkable that it is unprecedented in the history of the Swedish labor market. »

Either way, the problem won’t end there. In support, Hydro Extrusions’ Norwegian union IF Metall announced that it would stop making parts for Tesla, which could become a bigger dilemma, given that the said company is the only supplier in Europe of specialized components made of aluminum alloy, which Tesla uses in manufactured vehicles. in Germany, according to the Automotive News Europe website.

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