Argentina allows use of paper patents amid shortage of metal plates

This exceptional measure is due to the entry problems that have affected the trans-Andean country.

The automobile industry adds and continues its problems in Argentina. Due to lack of stock, few imported units, taxes levied on luxury vehicles, problems in factories and a series of other inconveniences, it is now reported that there is a shortage of plates metal to prepare license plates, so that paper patents can be printed.

According to various Argentine media, the Directorate of the National Registry of Automobile Property (DRNPA) and the Mint have announced a special measure due to the delay in the delivery of vehicle registration plates: the circulation permit will be extended up to 30 days. … with temporary paper registration plates, all while seeking to standardize the issuance of official patents.

“Those issued to users within 30 days may be extended as long as the Registry does not issue the final plates and maintains the validity of the metal plates for circulation on public roads,” the Mint said in a press release.

credit: dnrpa

The circular published by the DRNPA was adopted due to the delay in the delivery times expected by the Mint and as the Motor1 Argentina website indicates, “the reason is due to the shortage of imported supplies for the printing of these plates registration”.

In any case, this is an exceptional measure which will not cover the demand either: in fact, paper patents will only be sufficient for vehicles that have started the process of “replacing” number plates.

Please note that the Mint is responsible for printing banknotes and is also responsible for printing license plates and car and motorcycle registration plates throughout the country. The factory operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and produces 100,000 new patents and 20,000 replacements per month. This figure is the one that is affected in the event of flooding or weather problems.

The factory’s production director told La Nación newspaper that “when there is a flood, there are more orders and during the holiday season, demand also increases.”

So, since it is unclear what will happen, if the shortage persists, newly patented cars could be included.

The person responsible for checking whether there is a stock of metal patents is the Mint and the decision will be made at that time, but it is not excluded to increase the measure for another month.

Source: Latercera


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