9 Tips for Sleeping Better and Getting a Good Night’s Sleep, According to Yoga Teacher Xuan Lan

In a conversation with LT, the expert shares his tips for improving sleep. “It’s not a holistic, esoteric or yogi subject, it’s a purely health subject,” he anticipates.

It was in 2011 when Xuan Lan He abandoned his nine-year career in investment banking to devote himself entirely to what he had previously considered a hobby: yoga .

From that moment and with a history in which he had only given lessons to friends, began a journey of learning and teaching that has expanded over the years in the whole world.

Today she is a teacher, she has her own online platform called Studio XLY has nearly two million subscribers on his channel Youtube and more than 690,000 people are still in Instagram your advice on well-being , meditation , mindfulness and the discipline in which you specialize .

Although Xuan has training in several styles of yoga, He is mainly dedicated to teaching what is traditionally called Vinyasa yoga, a practice that he defines as “a dynamic yoga that moves the body with conscious breathing, for all those who need to disconnect from their routine and to reconnect with themselves.” .

Your knowledge in this area brought thousands of people to take their courses both in person and online.

And actually, just this weekend was in the Metropolitan Region to give a workshop as part of the festival Spirit of adventure which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle.

But Xuan’s proposal doesn’t just focus on teaching yoga and meditation. in a simple way so that more people can integrate it into their lives.

Also, is known for spreading a global vision that covers aspects such as food the care of Mental Health and of course, the protection of dream .

One of his books which covers all these areas in a user-friendly format …as a sort of guide that can be read and revised wherever deemed appropriate… East Yoga for my well-being: yoga, meditation and eating routines (Grijalbo, 2018).

There, the Frenchwoman of Vietnamese origin presents 15 topics including photos of body postures to reproduce and information, as well as QR codes leading to videos support.

“That’s the most attractive thing about yoga. It’s not just about learning the theory, it’s about feeling it. » said Xuan in conversation with The third .

According to him, this dynamism is one of the main reasons that attract his community, since “they see that they feel better, with less stress irritability, anxiety they get along better with their colleagues, they sleep better and helps them if they are going through a bad period” .

“These tools do not belong to me, I am only a messenger of what I learn. I train, I experience it and I give it back “, he emphasizes. “And it works, both for me and for many people” .

Concerning sleep care, Xuan presents a complete chapter on this subject in his aforementioned book.

Sleeping has had a bad reputation for many years. It was considered a waste of time : ‘I want to enjoy an 18-hour day and sleep little’. But if you are tired, the next day you will be irritable, you will not concentrate, you will work poorly. (…) sleep is part of our health It’s not a thing where we don’t do anything. (…) the body needs to release tension (…) as adult human beings we need to get seven hours of sleep, because during that time a lot of things happen and if you have it, you will live much better when you are awake “, explains the specialist to LT.

However, he adds that there is another key factor to consider: “Try to improve quality, not just quantity. This will provide benefits for your health and for years to come. .

Starting from this premise and in addition to what is proposed in one of the chapters of Yoga for my well-being, Xuan shared 9 habit recommendations that promise to help you improve your sleep .

“It is not a holistic, esoteric or yogi subject, it is a purely health subject” he anticipates.

9 tips for sleeping better and having restful sleep, according to yoga teacher Xuan Lan. Photo: Courtesy.

1. Regulates the consumption of stimulating substances

This is the first point mentioned in the list that he created for his book.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and other chemicals especially before going to sleep,” suggests Xuan.

2. Transform your bedroom into a temple

The yogi suggests that It is essential that the room you use to rest at night is equipped precisely for this. .

This This means that the atmosphere in the room should generate peace and tranquility. through aspects such as soft light that does not interfere with your relaxation process.

3. Use a mattress and pillow that are comfortable for you

Xuan said it insistently Yoga for my well-being: “I think we spend a third of our lives in bed!” .

Choosing a mattress and pillow Feeling comfortable will not only make your rest hours more efficient, but will also help prevent body pain. such as neck or back pain, as well as allergies.

4. Adopt a relaxing bedtime routine

The specialist emphasizes to LT that “Preparing for sleep isn’t just about five minutes before falling asleep.” .

It is rather said that “It’s almost when you get up in the morning.” when you plan “what you’re going to listen to, what you’re going to read, and what you’re going to do.”

Referring to his personal case, he said that She has stopped watching horror films or films with violent scenes before bed because it impacts her sleep “and then I wake up tired.” .

“I changed my diet in the evening, I eat a light dinner, because otherwise my digestion becomes heavy and I don’t sleep well” adds Xuan.

In this sense, he emphasizes that “preparing for sleep is important”, since “The better you sleep, the better you live” .

“If you go to bed with your body and mind tense and with many ideas on your mind, it will be difficult to sleep and you will toss and turn.” .

9 tips for sleeping better and having restful sleep, according to yoga teacher Xuan Lan. Photo: Courtesy.

5. Avoid looking at the clock at night

It’s a habit that many people adopt out of inertia, but according to the expert, “This ends up generating anxiety, which in turn promotes insomnia” .

And if what you’re worried about is knowing what time it is to know how long it takes to get up, Remember that you already made sure of this when setting your alarm clock. .

To avoid seeing the cell phone or other electronic device, the specialist specified that she opts for one with batteries. while leaving the first ones in another room.

6. Maintain a Consistent Sleep Schedule

This way you will help your biological clock to adjust itself and, according to Xuan in his book, “You will accustom your body to sleeping at a certain time night after night.” .

7. You exercise at a convenient time

Exercising has many benefits for your health. both mentally and physically.

However, these activities stimulate the stress hormone, cortisol. which “activates the brain’s alert mechanism”.

Following this, The specialist recommends finishing the exercise at least three hours before to go to sleep.

8. Organize your worries

It’s likely that when you go to bed, you’re still thinking about your responsibilities. which you will have to complete the next day.

Although it’s natural that you don’t want to forget your to-do list, It can affect your sleep if you don’t enter a relaxed state when you fall asleep. .

To avoid such situations, Xuan suggests writing down your concerns and ideas in your personal journal or notebook. so that when you wake up in the morning, you know clearly what you are going to do.

9 tips for sleeping better and having restful sleep, according to yoga teacher Xuan Lan. Photo: Courtesy.

9. Leave your electronic devices on airplane mode and in another room

As the expert noted previously, Leaving your electronic devices – like your computer, cell phone, tablet or television – in another room will help you rest and not face the temptation to check your emails or social media. in the middle of the night.

The latter, according to Xuan, It shouldn’t be the first or last thing you do when you start or end your routine. .

10. Bonus: Try a new discipline that helps you sleep

The specialist recommends trying “yoga or some restorative or calming practices, like relaxing meditation,” because they promise you’ll “notice changes quickly.” in a few weeks”.

Unless it is a chronic problem, you should seek help from a doctor. But if you only have bad habits, change them . Adjust your schedule, take a nice hot bath before bed,” he adds with his other suggestions.

But if you want to venture into a discipline like yoga, where to start?

If you feel any discomfort about going to a place where there may be people of a more advanced level, You can try from home via your computer or television and thus organize a course for beginners .

You can find the starting lessons on Xuan Lan’s YouTube channel which lasts approximately 25 minutes.

“At home, in your space, don’t let anyone come and disturb you, look at you, judge you. And give yourself this gift of self-care . And from there, eliminate bias, eliminate shame and watch. If you do the same 25-minute beginner’s class three times, you will feel a very different connection with your body, with your breathing and in general. A feeling of well-being” .

So, sentence to LT: “With this you already have the best installation preparation to start your self-care journey. . If you have taken the time to do it three times, you are aware that you need it (…) this little effort is the hardest step because you can spend months thinking you’re going to do it while watching YouTube without ever pressing play. The day you put on your tracksuit, your leggings, and position yourself on the floor with a mat, towel or mat, you have already done the hardest part. .

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