A millionaire fine to Fast and Furious for a serious accident involving Vin Diesel’s double

The accident occurred in 2019, after the cable that was holding him in a dangerous scene broke.

During the filming of the film Fast & Furious 9, stuntman Joe Watts, who played the role of Vin Diesel’s double, suffered a spectacular fall after the cable that was holding him in a waterfall broke. The production company will now have to pay him one million euros due to the injuries and consequences left by the accident.

Watts won legal battle against production company Universal Pictures, FF9 Pictures, after having demonstrated that not or the necessary security measures were taken to soften the blow, which took place at the Warner Brothers studios in Leavesden, United Kingdom.

It was July 2019, when Joe was filming a scene that took place on a balcony, a fight during which he had to fall on the right shoulder of another of the stuntmen. Eventually they changed the scene and it was going to fall on the man on the left, but during rehearsal The safety mats have not been replaced.

So, when the safety rope broke, the specialist fell headlong to the ground. He then had to be transferred to the Royal London Hospital, where a coma was induced to minimize the head and brain damage he suffered.

Justice understood that FF9 Pictures had not carried out the necessary safety checks and that the accident could have cost Joe’s life, which still has consequences. facts.

Source: Latercera


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