Huawei partners with Changan to create smart cars

The two Chinese manufacturers will develop technologies for this type of car as part of a joint venture.

Just like other tech giants, Huawei has big plans for the auto industry. So much so that it has just announced an alliance with Changan Auto for the creation of a joint company, focused on the development of intelligent vehicles.

According to the “investment cooperation memorandum”, Changan Auto will acquire up to 40% of the joint venture, which will “work with partners to promote innovation and leadership in smart car technology, as well as to promote prosperity and development of the automobile industry. » Huawei reported in a statement.

You will focus entirely on production, sales, develop new technologies and smart services for any brand in the automotive industry, i.e. be a leading OEM technology provider.

These projects include the development of cabin technologies, intelligent lighting systems and augmented reality. on the head-up display.

Source: Latercera


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