The FIM Enduro National Championship begins a new era in Chile

The motorsport event will be reinvented from next year under the same production of the CHILE MX national motocross, with a new format that will seek to promote work in the regions and strengthen a discipline in which our country has representatives world class.

Santiago, November 29, 2023.- The FIM Enduro National Championship begins a new era. The competition that brings to life one of the most exciting specialties in motorsport has announced a restructuring from 2024 with the aim of promoting and promoting a sport that has produced enormous drivers on the world stage.

In a ceremony attended by José Tomás Díaz, president of the Chilean Motorcycling Federation; Pablo Levalle, coach of the Chilean Enduro Team and prominent riders such as Javier Gárate and José Tomás Dollenz, has been announced that the new Enduro FIM CHILE (EFC) will be at the helm of PCH Producciones, the production company run by legendary motorcyclist and Dakar Rally rider, Patricio Cabrera, a company that has also organized the CHILE MX Motocross National Championship with huge success since last year.

“We are happy to officially announce the holding of the next National Enduro Championship. Thanks to the success that CHILE MX has experienced, they approached us to see the possibility of creating a high level championship, with particular attention to the riders. This is how we reached an agreement to ensure the production of the event for three years and our objective is to contribute to the development of a sport in which Chile is a power, which was reflected in the recent Six Days organized in Argentina, where our country achieved a historic record. fourth place, which demonstrates the formidable level and potential of the national drivers. And this is precisely what we are looking to support and promote next season,” commented Paul du Belloy, project manager of the National Enduro Championship.

Regarding the schedule, Patricio Cabrera said that “we have a model of what we will do next year, although the locations still need to be confirmed, but we can say that the idea is to start on March 9 and 10 at Pucon. What is certain is that it will be a six-date championship, which will take place in different regions of the country between March and November, in a new format, since on Saturday we hope to have a race with drivers locals and amateurs, leaving the championship race for Sunday. Our idea is to reproduce a little of what we do at CHILI MX, to bring Enduro fans closer together, to make it a family celebration and to bring hundreds of riders, who will be sure to find the optimal conditions to demonstrate their great talent. “.

Regarding the upcoming event, National Team “Coto” Dollenz said that “Enduro lacked the energy that Pato Cabrera brings to events, so we are happy and confident that at the first meeting in Pucón, they will give 100% to offer the best. production that we riders deserve, just like they do with CHILE MX. In addition, another positive aspect of the news and linked to something that always worries us as drivers, is marking. Now they surprised us with the return of the Maldonado brothers, they have a name in Enduro so we are sure the circuits are going to be incredible.

New season of CHILI MX

The presentation of the 2024 National Enduro Championship served to announce the next season of the CHILE MX National Motocross Championship, an event that hopes to consolidate its commitment next year and become the most important motorsport event in the country.

Patricio Cabrera, general producer of the event, commented about CHILE MX 2024: “we hope to continue growing with the championship so that it becomes the largest motocross competition in Latin America. This year, despite a series of inconveniences, has been extremely positive at the sporting level, to which we add the active participation of the municipalities who have supported us and who have given each date a regional interest, favoring the development and dissemination of sport . the attributes of each zone.

CHILE MX 2024 is announced with a calendar of eight dates which will be distributed month by month from Antofagasta to Osorno.

Finally, during the presentation of the national championships, a new season of the Copa del Rey was also announced.

The world’s largest Big Trail event and the first of its kind focused on amateur and private drivers has become one of the biggest events in domestic motorsport and for 2024 four dates have been announced.

“The Copa del Rey was born from a humble idea to bring together riders in an entertaining environment, with the presence of brands and in a context of unprecedented competition with Big Trail motorcycles. The results surprised us, on each date we have thousands of participants and for next year the objective is to improve the event, to generate more activities for families, offering a staging that allows us to have an attractive and competitive championship,” said Patricio Cabrera, general producer of PCH Producciones.

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