The first 100% electric M gets closer every day

The Bavarian firm has registered the name iM3.

A new clue about the future of the electric BMW M has just appeared. And the Bavarian firm has registered the iM3 name with the European Union Intellectual Property Office and with its German counterpart.

This information makes us assume that the first M model powered exclusively by batteries will be the next generation of its popular M3. So the signature from Munich is taking the first steps to bring the sports sedan to the streets.

Likewise, it must be said that BMW M has not hidden its desire for electrification. Last year, Frank Van Meel, CEO of M, told Road & Track: “I think there is no alternative to electric. The only question is when.” To these statements, we must add an announcement made by the German firm itself concerning the development of a four-wheel drive system for its future 100% electric M models.

This announcement came last year, when BMW brought forward dynamic testing of a propulsion system based on four independent motors, which was being tested in a somewhat modified i4 M50. It’s likely that this propulsion system will find its way into the electric M3, a car that will likely sit on the brand’s new Neue Klasse platform, throwing over 500 horsepower and dizzying numbers onto the asphalt.

Source: Latercera


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