Goodyear presents the new generation of Armor Max 2 tires

They offer 8% more mileage and are intended for buses and trucks.

Goodyear’s Armor Max range has just been renewed with a big improvement, up to 8% more mileage compared to its predecessor and can be used in any position.

This tire model is developed for trucks and buses, particularly for the Latin American market and required more than five years of research and improvement.

“This new tire has been developed to serve large and medium-sized fleets, where the customer is looking for a premium product with the best mileage. It was built for mixed service and to replace the MSS tire, where dirt and asphalt roads transport all agro-industrial products: grain, wood, animals. In addition, this type of service also covers mining, construction materials and passengers in intercity and rural areas. This is one of the most important segments in transportation,” says Rodrigo Díaz, Commercial Sales Manager at Goodyear Chile.

Among the new features, there is now a larger contact surface with the ground, thanks to a 2% wider tread, improving load distribution and providing greater traction and greater mileage.

It also features new self-cleaning grooves with a progressive design that increase traction from start to finish of the original tread and are very deep: 19.9 mm.

Another quality is that its casing with four steel belts and High Elongation Wire technology protects the tire structure and provides greater resistance to difficult mixed service environments. Special ropes constructed with stronger steel, interwoven to provide up to 5% elongation, allowing greater flexibility against terrain obstacles. All this guarantees better protection of the case against damage and oxidation.

The Armor Max Gen 2 range benefits from a 5-year warranty, regardless of the number of retreads with branded materials.

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