Ford will release a new electric car platform to compete in China

The Tesla Model 2 when it debuted, it also considered itself one of the great rivals that the brand of the óvalo which was to destroy.

The road to turn off a suitable electric car has been converted into one that is contrary to the age of traditional car brands. We hope that China will lead the production of this type of vehicle, manufacturers like Ford have attempted to foray into this market, siguiendo los pasos de autos reenfocados hacia este markete as the new Citroën eC3 Europeo. The rumors about the launch of the Tesla Model 2 are another ingredient to purify the release of the inserted models to be accessible.

The Citroën eC3 is one of the biggest manufacturers of the industry to start a popular electric car that can compete at a premium with chinos models.

TechCrunch revealed a conversation between Ford investors and Alan Clarke, ex-Tesla engineer, who developed the company’s plans to develop a 100% electric economic model.

Given these statements, we realize that Ford has been working secretly on this project for the last few years, training a team to create a platform fitted to low-cost electric vehicles. This team includes engineers from Auto Motive Power, a company specializing in electrical energy management acquired by Ford in 2023.

Ford Explorer Eléctrico

The Ford object should be avoided if it is sold in the market of electric vehicles when removing an appropriate model. Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, said that future competition is centered on models similar to Tesla and Chinese manufacturers like BYD, so that the established brand is driven by reducing costs and improving the efficiency of our electrical products.

Ford’s new electric vehicle platform, known as “Gen 2”, is designed to be innovative and efficient in the use of spaces, allowing for a wide variety of vehicles to carry the most possible segments with the lowest cost for it. company, its main meta is the profitability of each year model following its launch.

However, we have announced a specific plan for the launch of the first model based on this new platform, we hope that it will last until the period of 2025 – 2026. However, Ford continues to work on other electric car projects, moving forward in strategic alliances. , like the collaboration with Volkswagen to remove the Ford Explorer electric and the use of the electrical architecture of the E-Transit for the near Puma electric crossover.

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