Volkswagen would return to the fray with a 100% electric Golf to replace the ID.3

The German company’s flagship model of the future has failed to sell as expected, so there will be a change of course in its future.

Everyone already knows that the Volkswagen ID.3, its 100% electric C-segment sedan, did not meet the manufacturer’s expectations in terms of sales figures.

Although a definitive date has not yet been confirmed, everything seems to indicate that this model will not have a replacement. This prospect was suggested by a company representative, who indicated that Volkswagen plans to return to manufacturing an electric Golf in the coming years.

The transition to an electric Golf is now underway, with confirmation that the ninth generation of the Golf will be fully electric, built on the Volkswagen Group’s future Scalable Systems Platform (SSP). Kai Grünitz, the company’s head of technical development, hinted that the ID.3 could be linked to this strategic development.

Volkswagen ID.3 | Photo: Martin Meiners

“There is not enough space to have two or three different models that suit the same customer. We have started work on a fully electric Golf. We have concrete ideas on what it will be, but we will see how the market evolves,” commented Grünitz in an interview with Top Gear magazine.

While this suggests a possible premature end for the ID.3, Grünitz also noted that there would be a period of overlap between the two models, meaning Volkswagen would co-exist the two products for some time.

The Golf’s legacy will continue in the electric era, as its name, considered the heart of the brand, will be retained, with more than 37 million units produced since 1974. Additionally, Volkswagen has ensured that The “GTI” and “R” models will continue to exist even after production of gasoline engines ceases, so high-performance electric variants will still be present in the future.

For now, we won’t have to wait for the return of the electric Golf to see more new features in Volkswagen’s range of electric vehicles. With current plans still underway, the ID.3 GTX is expected to launch later this year, offering a more powerful and sportier option within the company’s electric vehicle lineup.

Volkswagen identifier. 2all, the prototype of the future access model.

All of the above will be complemented by the future ID.2, the low-cost model which would represent the spirit of a battery-powered Polo and will have the mission of being the brand’s entry car to compete with future proposals builders. like Renault, which hopes to launch a new generation of 100% electric Renault 5 and Twingo.

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