Carabineros tender leaves Maxus as big winner and two categories declared void

The Carabineros offered a total of 1,044 vehicles, of which only 452 units were awarded.

The tender of the Carabineros of Chile for the acquisition of 1,044 vehicles ended with Maxus as the main winner, and despite the fact that the official representative Andes Motor did not participate directly in the tender offers, Technology Motor Group (TMG) and Conversiones San José have decided to offer models of this brand surpassing the proposals of other bidders such as Astara Retail, Gildemeister, Bertonati or Honda Motor Chile.

There were five categories to bid on each with a required number of vehicles: 308 4×2 SUV with dungeon, 192 patrols without a dungeon, 70 trucks 4×4, 74 mobile barracks (vans) and 400 motorcycles suitable for use on all terrains.

In the first category, the largest offerings were the GAC GS4 Power, Hyundai Creta Grand, Ford Territory, SsangYong Korando and Maxus D60, the offer of TMG, which has a maximum deadline of 300 calendar days to deliver the 308 units of the Maxus D60 which must include a series of modifications such as the installation of communication systems, window protections and even a Front reinforcement that allows other vehicles to be rammed during police procedures . (see our review of the Maxus D60 )

In the case of the 70 trucks required, the offers were Maxus T90 and Ford Ranger , the Maxus T90 4×4 being the winner with 2.0 twin turbo diesel engine and 215 HP, offered by Conversiones San José.

For the 74 vans police, The options considered were Maxus Deliver 9 offered by two different companies, in addition to Ford Transit, also offered by two different suppliers. .

The winning bid was from San José Conversions. with 74 units of Deliver 9 in L3H3 configuration, that is to say the longest and tallest version of the Chinese model.

Deserted categories

As for the category of 192 patrols without cells was declared deserted given that neither proposal met all the requirements of the tender.

Gildemeister donated Hyundai Elantra vehicles with automatic transmission and Conversions San Jose offered Toyota Corolla units with CVT box.

In the case of Gildemeister, the main reason for the rejection of its offer is that the certificate of the entity responsible for converting the Elantras into patrol vehicles was not presented. item required to be declared a winner.

In the case of the Toyota Corolla, it was declared that it did not meet the wheelbase requirement of 2.72 meters. since the Japanese brand’s model offers 2.7 meters in this article.

In the case of 400 motorcycles, Honda was unable to win the category despite being the only bidder because does not have technical service official in the regions of Arica and Parinacota, Tarapacá and Aysén the allocation of these vehicles will therefore be left for a later call for tenders.

Source: Latercera


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