Driving permit: can it be obtained in any municipality?

On March 31, the permit payment deadline expires and people who wish to do so can change municipalities if they wish, but they must first complete a few small steps.

One of the traditional gases of the world in the world of motor vehicles has a relationship with the road permit, certified that allows vehicles to be departed without problems on national roads and that has a limit of 31 of the year if you do not want to arrive a fine.

But what do you do when you want to pay for your driving license in a different municipality than the one you had before? Is it possible to carry out the transfer without major steps or without falling into overwhelming bureaucracy?

Driving permit: can it be obtained in any municipality?

Yes, it is possible to make a transfer in most municipalities in Chile. Of course, the first thing, before starting the process, is to respect the following conditions to be able to access the payment of the circulation authorization:

  • Have your driving license up to date
  • Have valid approval or technical inspection certificate
  • Having acquired SOAP 2024
  • If the vehicle has fines registered in the National Register of Unpaid Fines, these must be canceled with the circulation permit.

If you already have all the documents, you can proceed to the next step. Payment for the circulation permit is made in any municipality in Chile, whether or not you live in that municipality. The good news is that most municipalities offer payment online and/or in person.

Driving permit: can it be obtained in any municipality?

At this stage, many people wonder whether they can change municipalities, either because they want to support a specific municipality, or to contribute to the municipality where they live.

For example, many people may be interested in paying for the circulation permit in Viña del Mar or neighboring municipalities in order to support an area that needs resources. The same thing happened ten years ago, when the earthquake occurred and several people obtained permits in the municipalities of Biobío.

To transfer the driving license from one municipality to another, you must have the following documents:

  • Up-to-date technical and gas inspection certificate or approval certificate
  • Invoice for new vehicles
  • Certificate of registration in the register of motor vehicles (register)
  • SOAP 2024

If you want to pay online, municipalities have platforms where they explain how to make the transfer. And for this, the documents indicated above must be uploaded to the site or sent by email. Be careful that the format of the documents complies with what the municipality requires.

If all the papers are in order, you will be informed in a few days that the process of changing municipality has gone well and thus the vehicle owner will be able to pay for the 2024 License in the chosen municipality.

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