Supercar Blondie, the most famous car influencer in the world

The Australian has just launched SBX, the first digital auction platform for sports and luxury cars.

The name of Alexandra Mary Hirschi must be unknown to the vast majority. Now if we talk about Supercar Blondie, the situation will change, especially among car fans, since it is the world’s most famous automotive influencer or content creator .

Alex Hirschi was born in Australia in 1985. He currently has millions of followers on his social media, which has earned him an influential figure, particularly in the field of supercars and luxury vehicles.

By profession a journalist, He had contact with the media through radio broadcasts However, his love for cars began much earlier, in Oceania, as he commented in an interview with the newspaper El País.


“I grew up in Australia, where there is a great car culture. Everyone travels by car, and even though public transport is now more developed, I grew up in a small town of 2,000 people, where there was no public transportation, so I had to get around by car. . Plus, my whole family loves driving. […] Even when I come back to Australia, we argue about who will get behind the wheel.

He learned to drive at age 11 in a Toyota truck. When he got his license, his first car was a Mitsubishi Lancer which he inherited from his older brothers.

The approach to supercars has begun when he finished university and went to live in Dubai in 2008. There, she was dazzled by the vehicles roaming the streets and made it her goal to one day own one of these marvels.

For this goal and his passion for cars, he began recording reviews. At first, he did it in his free time, with his partner as cameraman.

About those days, Supercar Blondie recalled in the interview to the Spanish media that “In 2017, I didn’t have many followers, my family and friends followed me . It was simply the point of view of a normal girl who shared her emotions when she stood in front of a high-end car and was able to drive it. He talked about the design or the coolness of these cars. This way of communicating began to attract many people, because it did not have technical language, it was told from the heart.

This is how she started growing and currently, along with her husband Nik, CEO of SB Media Group, a multinational company headquartered in London with offices in Dubai, Manchester, Prague and Los Angeles where around 65 people work.

As if that wasn’t enough, in addition to the website an automobile design office was launched in 2023, in collaboration with a designer from Pininfarina.

New SBX Cars platform

But Supercar Blondie’s empire doesn’t stop. NOW has just introduced a new variant linked to car auctions, called SBX Cars.

Of course, it won’t be like a traditional auction house. In this case, SBX Cars will be a global digital platform that will connect buyers and sellers of classics, supercars and exclusive vehicles from anywhere in the world.


This will undoubtedly be the differentiating element, since we will favor quality rather than quantity, with a global access to millions of users .

According to Nik Hirschi, the idea was born from the absence of this type of offer. “For years, collectors and enthusiasts have asked us where they can purchase the extraordinary cars and other vehicles featured by Supercar Blondie. Unfortunately, there was no centralized community or platform connecting buyers and sellers from all over the world,” said Supercar Blondie’s husband, adding that “with SBX Cars, we solved this problem by providing a marketplace. global auction aimed at providing our audience with the opportunity to purchase these incredible dream machines from anywhere in the world.

The new platform began operating on April 2, with a significant capital of men, since it has already more than 100 million euros worth of confirmed car lots .


Among the most exclusive vehicles that will enter the SBX Cars auction are a Mercedes-Benz AMG One and a Hyperion XP-1, a hydrogen supercar that goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.2 seconds. Both will be auctioned for the first time in a public tender.

They won’t be the only ones. The list of dream cars continues with a Ferrari LaFerrari, the first electric yacht designed by BMW, a Tesla Cybertruck, one of nine Lamborghini Veneno Roadsters and a unit of the Lamborghini Veneno Coupe.


As if that wasn’t enough, it will be put up for auction Team Lotus’ John Player Special racing car collection F1 from the 1970s and 1980s. This collection includes Formula 1 cars driven by drivers such as Nigel Mansell, Elio de Angelis, Ronnie Peterson and Johnny Dumfries. Lotus Formula 1 team boss Colin Chapmans’ personal plane and several vehicles will also be up for auction.

Other models confirmed at auction? A Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, a Lamborghini Miura, a BMW 507, an Aston Martin DB5 and an Isdera Spyder 036i.

The latter is a German convertible from the late 1980s. Only 14 examples were produced and the work was artisanal, to the point that it took 12 months to manufacture each two-seater.

Obviously, the cars that will be auctioned on the SBX platform will be the heart of the platform, but no one can ignore the added value for sellers of appearing on social media and on the Supercar Blondie site.


In numbers, Content creator’s audience exceeds 100 million people , thanks to 56 million followers on Facebook; 16 million on Instagram; 18 million on YouTube; 18 million TikToks; 3 million on Snapchat and 6 million visits to the website.

Concerning the duration of extension of the auctions, it was indicated that They will last between 7 and 14 days, all coordinated with those in Los Angeles, Dubai and London.

In short, Supercar Blondie has successfully built a personal brand around his passion for cars and his ability to share that enthusiasm with a global audience via social media. His impact on the automotive industry continues to grow and he will likely remain a leading figure in the world of supercars and luxury cars for a long time to come, even more so with the new auction platform.

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