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Los consejos para no caer en bulos y estafas este Black Friday

The highly anticipated Black Friday brings with it some of the best deals for consumers, but this very important date It also generates a lot of scams. Our inbox is usually filled with unique offers or discounts, but… Are they all reliable? This commercial avalanche makes buyers lower their guard and buy without checking the reliability of the web, the product they offer or the seller.

In the report on cyberthreats for the second quarter of the year recently presented by ESET, an expert cybersecurity company, Spain was one of the countries in the world with the most attacks aimed at stealing information.

Josep Albors, director of research and awareness at ESET Spain, pointed out that “criminals continue to take advantage of the rise of online commerce and use this strategy both to set up phishing websites to steal credit card data, and to download malicious applications that are responsible for capturing online banking access credentials and stealing the money from the accounts.

According to dacts of the National Policeat the end of August 2022 reported the dismantling of 49 fraudulent online stores who were dedicated to selling products that were never shipped. Crowds of consumers from all over Spain were scammed, raising more than half a million euros.

To prevent this from happening this Black Friday, from ESET they point out orA series of tips to get the most out of discounts without falling victim to these viral scams:

Be wary of very aggressive discounts. Although it is true that we all like to find great bargains, but special care must be taken before making the purchase. Cybercriminals take advantage of the most sought after brands and items. It is very important to make a price comparison through any search engine.

A trusted website. If you decide to buy a product on a web page where you have never bought before… Be careful! It is essential to check that the website has a quality seal and that it is not false. Also observe its design, how careful it is and if it offers you all the information you need about consumption and data processing.

Use your own card to make online payments. Whenever possible, use this card for exclusive use to make your purchases online. This way you will avoid being a possible victim of a credential theft and cybercriminals will not be able to access your entire account.

Be careful with the offers received from message links through Whatsapp, Telegram, SMS, email or social networks. Check that the offer is launched from the official profile of the store or brand and in the case of SMS, Whatsapp or email, verify that the offer is a direct communication from the store or brand. If not, be wary: it may be a phishing campaign.

Make sure that the return is guaranteed in case the product does not meet your expectations or is defective. By law you can withdraw from a purchase without having to give explanations in the 14 days after the acquisition. And in the case of withdrawing or making use of the guarantee, this should not have any cost or shipping costs.

And never ever send cash.

These are Amazon’s tips so you don’t bite

Amazon also offers recommendations to consumers to identify and prevent fake order confirmations, misleading rush notifications or phishing attempts during holiday shopping, not just Black Friday.

Check your purchases in the Amazon store. If you receive a suspicious message notifying you of the purchase of a product or service on Amazon, it is important not to reply to the message or click on the link it includes. Instead, log in to your Amazon account through its official website or mobile app and confirm that the purchase appears in your purchase history before taking any other action.

Always use the Amazon website or mobile app. They will never ask you to make a payment by phone, Bizum or by email, only through their mobile application or website.

Do not get carried away by a supposed urgency. Scammers try to create a false sense of urgency so that you do what they are asking without thinking about the possible consequences. Don’t bite!

Don’t feel pressured to buy a gift card. No legitimate sale or transaction requires payment exclusively through gift cards.

If in doubt, contact Amazon. You can do it directly through its website or app. Never call a phone number you receive by email or find in online search results.

Always report suspicious communications, so you can help other customers not be scammed. You can report any suspicious messages through social networks or by email: [email protected]

Source: Antena3

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