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Yes, VSV won a derby. Yes it was a tough fight and yes it was the first derby win of the season. “But no, it shouldn’t have been that close,” says VSV trainer Rob Daum. He was uncomfortable with the temporary disbandment of his team after 3-1. “We took unnecessary penalties and put KAC back in the game. Until then, we didn’t think for a moment that it was over. But we weren’t ready to defend with the final determination. Because this game would be easy to defend. yeah, we didn’t quite do it,” says Daum. He found praise for a teenager. Defender Niklas Wetzl arrived at Villach only on match day and played as if he had never been away. “He does that very well in interacting with Joslin, who is a little bit interested in the boy, too. As long as Lindner is gone, we need him more and we’re happy he’s here.”

In the end, Happy was also the winning scorer. Alexander Rauchenwald was the only one of the eight penalty shooters to stay cool. “I felt good, I just wanted to do it and it worked. It’s nice to win in front of a crowd like this.” He also knew what made KAC strong again. “Especially in the midfield with penalties ourselves.”

KAC forward Ganahl: “It was really fun”

There was little melancholy in the KAC due to the large number of failures. “We really played as a team in the second third and from then on it was really fun,” said KAC forward Manuel Ganahl, who played a great game, struggled for every inch and also grabbed an assist. “For the first time this season we really bonded together, it was a great feeling and we can build on that. It’s been good for us to be back.”

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