La subida de precios frena el turismo rural en el puente de diciembre

The reservations in rural destinations during the december bridge have been reduced compared to 2019. In Valladolidthe occupation is at 60%. “There are two mini-bridges, so that makes the reservations dilute a lot,” says Francisco Posada, President of the Valladolid Hotel Association. High energy and commodity prices raise the cost of maintenance for the owners. As a consequence, the rising rates of these accommodations have a lot to do with the occupancy data.

“There are people from Zamora and people from Valladolid who don’t have people on either of the two bridges,” says Luis Chico, President of the Castilla y León Rural Accommodation Association. Even so, there are still those who continue to opt for the rural tourism. The proximity is the main factor that intervenes in the decision of the Spaniards when choosing this place. Taking fuel prices into account, going to a rural house in a group and sharing expenses is a good option.

Destinations preferred by the Spanish

The largest number of tourists is concentrated in Madrid, Seville or Barcelona, big cities where the hotels are almost full. At Serras Hotel (Barcelona), occupancy is “around 80%”, explains Jordi Serra, its vice president. Very optimistic data that is repeated in the Canary Islands. At more than 80% capacity they are at the Hotel Barceló Contemporáneo (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), according to its director Sigvald Karlsen. “Tourists have not lost their desire, we hope it will continue like this for the rest of the months,” says Sandra García, director of Coral Hotel.

According to the data collected by Destinia, The trips of Spaniards on this bridge have increased by 22% compared to 2019, which grows up to 32% in trips abroad. If something is clear, it is that there is a desire to “eat, play, be with the family and enjoy”.

Source: Antena3


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