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On Saturday night, a woman in Lienz reported being sexually harassed in a bar. The woman stated that the man was still at the restaurant and would recognize him. Later, a police patrol went to the bar with the woman, whereupon a 40-year-old Austrian was identified as the suspect. Police officers took the man to the Lienz police station for further investigation.

I didn’t want to show ID

After completing the survey, the 40-year-old was released and the police officers returned to the bar to investigate further. On the way there, the authorities noticed how a 23-year-old Austrian, who she apparently knew, was standing in front of the 40-year-old woman and was acting very aggressively and angry towards her. Police tried to calm the 23-year-old boy. However, he became more and more aggressive and now insulted the police officers as well. Since he was also aggressive towards the officers, they asked him to introduce himself. However, because the man refused to reveal his identity, he had to be arrested.

spat in the face of the authorities

During the arrest, the 23-year-old defended himself so fiercely that he fell to the ground with two police officers. After considerable resistance, the Austrian was finally taken to the police station, where he continued to insult the officers and spit in their faces. According to available information, the detainee and a police officer were slightly injured as a result of the detainee’s resistance. Both the 40-year-old and the 23-year-old Austrian were noticeably drunk. The 23-year-old was discharged after his interrogation was completed. Relevant notifications will be made to the prosecutor’s office in Innsbruck.

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