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Tragic accident Saturday afternoon in Upper Carinthia: At around 2:00 pm, a 70-year-old woman from the Spittal/Drau region drove a car uphill on a forest road from Vorderkrems. In a private road area, the car skidded on an icy or snow-covered road.

The car skidded backwards against the embankment and then fell about 20 meters below the embankment, crashed into a tree and landed on the roof. His driver partner, the 58-year-old passenger, managed to save himself and the driver from the vehicle. He immediately informed the neighbors who made the emergency call.

The vehicle was later secured by the fire department and the injured person was brought back to life by emergency doctors and rescuers. The injured died at the scene of the accident despite rescue efforts. The passenger escaped injury in the accident.

With Leoben and Eisentratten in FF Kremsbrücke, Innerkrems, Carinthia, two vehicles and an emergency doctor, the Red Cross took action.

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