St. Adeg market in Stefan im Lavanttal has been closed since 4 November for renovations. After five days of adaptation work, the supermarket will reopen on November 9 under the new name “Nah&Frisch”. Only the poster next to the entrance door indicates the takeover. The same goes for the Adeg market in Maria Rojach, which will open as the “Nah&Frisch” market on November 9 after five days of renovation work.

St. “Nah&Frisch” market in Stefan opens on November 9

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St. Adeg locations in Stefan and Maria Rojach are the first two of five locations to be renamed in Lavanttal. As a result, the independent Adeg Wolfsberg cooperative developed a cooperation model with the university group, which includes “Nah&Frisch”, to secure local supply for the time being. In the “medium term” these markets should continue to exist under the leadership of independent traders. Unigruppe currently supplies approximately 220 “Nah&Frisch” traders in Austria. “There are currently some interested parties for various locations. We believe that we can find innovative private operators for all markets and will do everything we can to offer an attractive operator concept,” says Johann Lehner, responsible for the southern location development of “Nah&Frisch”.

Conversion of nine branches

“This joint step is a clear commitment by both companies to maintain local supplies in the Adeg Wolfsberg delivery area,” said Adeg Wolfsberg managing director Arno Riedl. The Adeg Wolfsberg delivery area also includes Mittlern, Tainach, St. It also covers the Völkermarkt area, where the Adeg markets in Michael ob Bleiburg and Ruden also become “Nah&Frisch” markets. The transformation of all these stores will be completed by December 7 and Adeg employees will be hired. “Adeg Wolfsberg and the university group make an important contribution to the local food supply in the region,” continues Riedl. Ongoing collaborations with local producers will also support regional added value.

Some of the employees who attended the launch event of the new Unimarkt concept, “Nah&Frisch” managers and Adeg boss Arno Riedl

Some of the employees who attended the launch event of the new Unimarkt concept, “Nah&Frisch” managers and Adeg boss Arno Riedl

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St. Stefan im Lavanttal and St. Locations in Michael ob Bleiburg will continue to be open on Sundays during the winter months from December until around Easter, depending on the season. In general, you will have longer access to the nine “Nah&Frisch” markets: You will be able to shop after the stores close until 20.00 on weekdays, as well as during the lunch break, which varies from store to store depending on the frequency. . During these hours, you can enter the stores monitored by cameras with an ATM card or mobile phone application and shop even if there are no staff. All items will be available for purchase (except alcohol, which will be locked during this time) and must be self-scanned and paid for by card. Services such as postal services, lottery or delicatessen services cannot be provided during the absence of personnel. And the legal maximum opening time for trading of 72 hours per week cannot be exceeded.

After 70 years, the Adeg Wolfsberg cooperative will withdraw from the food wholesale business at the end of the year and move to St. The headquarters in Andrä was sold to the neighboring construction company Kostmann. There were also outages in the branch network: St. Adeg markets in St. Paul and Euco markets in Völkermarkt were closed. Five branches in the Wolfsberg and Völkermarkt regions have been taken over by Rewe wholesale and will be maintained by independent traders. St. Jakob and Adeg in Poggersdorf were taken over by a Styrian family business, which opened a meat and sausage collection market there. Now that nine Adeg branches have become “Nah&Frisch” locations, only the future of the Adeg market in Sittersdorf remains open. This branch will go to Adeg Austria on January 1, 2024.

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