In 2006, Karin Darmann-Streit took up this business and founded her company “The Beauty of Rauchbauer – Cosmetics and foot care” Started self-employment in Rieding. In subsequent years it operated largely mobile, but due to its remoteness the actual location was rarely used. “This fact significantly influenced the decision to open a new, more central location directly on St. Stefan’s main street,” explains the entrepreneur.

Karin Darmann-Streit, St. At its new facility at Hauptstrasse 20 in Stefan, it continues to offer the usual services, including foot care, cosmetic treatments and human energy treatments with expertise in diabetic foot. You can make an appointment by calling 0664/5022600. Starting in January, fixed opening hours are planned from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Thursday.

clear target

Darmann-Streit is actively supported by employee Desiree Russo and apprentice Vanessa Perchtaler. The entrepreneur has a clear goal in mind for the future: “I want to make sure my customers continue to be happy and offer them a place where they can feel completely at ease.”

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