There is currently a persistent fog in the Klagenfurt Basin and even up to the mountains of Central Carinthia. Not only does this mean drivers sometimes have to dig for ice in the morning, but it also creates a number of hazards. Again ÖAMTC He warns that fog greatly increases the risk of accidents. Just as pedestrians should dress brightly and be especially careful in traffic, drivers can ensure greater safety by, among other things, having the correct headlights on.

“For several years now, all new vehicles have been equipped with automatic daytime running lights. “In cloudy weather, you should not lull yourself into a false sense of security, because when the daytime running lights are on, the rear is often left unlit; this is a dangerous situation,” warns ÖAMTC lawyer Alexander Letitzki. In addition, daytime running lights are not a permissible alternative to dipped beams in poor lighting conditions, even with active backlighting.

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Some newer vehicles now feature automatic dipped beam activation. But even with these, the expert explains that you should not rely on this function in fog, but instead turn on the light manually if necessary. Letitzki says that this activation only responds well in situations where it gets significantly darker, for example when entering a tunnel or at dusk: “In the case of fog, light sensors sometimes measure sufficient brightness, but poor visibility requires dipped beams; then you have to actively set off.” to the light switch holder.”

Misuse penalty

Drivers also need to keep greater distance from other vehicles as fog significantly limits visibility. You can also operate the rear fog lights and headlights in dense fog. However, it is important to follow certain rules here. Because if you use the rear fog light incorrectly, you may even be fined. “Forward-facing fog lights or wide-beam headlights can be activated and deactivated at will, while there are strictly defined operating regulations for rear fog lights. ÖAMTC only allows following traffic to be seen from a greater distance in cases where visibility is impaired by rain, snow, fog and similar reasons.” As soon as the vehicle behind you catches up with you, you need to turn off the rear fog lights in order not to dazzle the driver behind you. There is no obligation to use them.

According to ÖAMTC, if you forget to turn off the rear fog lights when visibility is good, an administrative penalty may be imposed: “The upper limit of the penalty range has only been increased from 5,000 Euros to 10,000 Euros in 2022. This is true regardless of whether the wrong lighting is used or no lighting at all. “According to the club’s experience, in practice the fine will be between 30 and 60 euros in most cases.”

Fog on Lake Faaker See

Fog on Lake Faaker See

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It snowed in the valleys

Martin Templin, meteorologist at the Ubimet weather service, explains that in addition to fog, rain and snow can be expected in the Carinthians and East Tyrol in the next few days: “It will be winter on Friday. There will be heavy rain from time to time until the early hours of the morning, and snowfall in the higher elevations.” “In the direction of Karawanken, it may snow up to high valley levels, albeit for a short time.” In the morning hours, the snowfall limit rises to around 1000 meters again.

The weather will be cloudy and slightly cool on Saturday. A few sunny hours are possible this day after the early morning fog. On Sunday the weather will get even colder and in Carinthia only temperatures of 5 to 9 degrees can be expected during the day, while in East Tyrol 4 to 5 degrees are expected, and 5 degrees below zero at night and in the morning. Templin says it could sometimes be sunny again on Monday.

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