Hribernik shoe store was founded 70 years ago. “My grandfather, Simon Hribernik, opened our headquarters in Griffen in 1953,” says Elias Hribernik (33), a business economist and orthopedic shoemaker who has led the company since 2022. The beginnings were very humble. “My grandfather used a sewing machine, simple tools and leather to tend to his customers’ satisfaction, often repairing custom-made shoes. He also passed the orthopedic specialist exam and was able to help many war veterans with appropriate shoes,” says Hribernik.

After his father Johannes took over the business in 1989, branches were added in Eberndorf, Völkermarkt and Bad Eisenkappel. “We see ourselves as a local supplier in the countryside and want to offer the full range of a shoe retailer,” says Elias Hribernik. He took over the business to combine craftsmanship with business and to put the knowledge of both educational paths into practice. In addition to shoe repairs, the demand for orthopedic special insoles, custom-made shoes or medical devices is also quite high. “We face new challenges every day,” says the company boss, who wants to earn points with good service. “We are the right people to contact if things get tough,” says Hribernik. There are many ways to make adjustments to shoes. There are only 13 companies left in Carinthia offering this service.

From left to right: Elias, Johannes and Simon Hribernik


“As a specialist store, we value quality brands,” says the general manager, who distributes roses to his six employees. Michaela Korak-Pöchein has been working at the store in Eberndorf for almost 30 years. “I’m very happy and free here,” she says. She really enjoys communicating with her regular customers. “Professional advice, as well as personal conversations, should not be neglected,” says the marketer.

up to 300 euros

What are the current trends? “In autumn, in addition to boots, boots and sneakers, there is also a great demand for moccasins, which are a comfortable and fashionable shoe for every day,” says the expert. Among the most expensive shoes are mountain boots, for which you will have to pay up to 300 euros. Bags, wallets and care products are also offered. “I made a good decision in taking over the family business,” says Elias Hribernik. In addition to being his own boss, he also enjoys his job.