The story of St. Martin, who was said to have shared his coat with a beggar while he was a soldier in the fourth century AD, is still told in many kindergartens today. In memory of the native Hungarian, who is said to have decided to live a life of faith after this experience and even founded the first monastery in Gaul, St. Martin’s Day is celebrated with lantern walks on November 11. In many Carinthian parishes the saint is also commemorated with such festivals, parades or St. Martin’s Day games. Here is a selection of events:

Klagenfurt and Klagenfurt-Land

Klagenfurt congregations invite you to the joint St. Paul Mass in the city center on 11 November. Martin’s Day parade. The celebration will take place at 16.30 in the garden of the bishop’s house on Tarviser Straße in St. It starts with Martin’s match. The procession rode horses along the Lend Canal to St. A St. Martin parish church. It is directed by the actor Martin. In Klagenfurt and many other surrounding neighborhoods, St. Martin was already cited on Friday. The celebrations will take place on Saturday in Klagenfurt-Wölfnitz at 17.00, at the Raika meeting point) and in Hörtendorf (on the bus return loop, at 18.00), in Klagenfurt-St. Theresia plans to move in on Monday, November 13, at 4:30 p.m.


In Villach, St. St. Martin’s congregation traditionally welcomes you to the day of worship on November 11, with Holy Mass at 9 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., and St. Mary’s Church at 4:30 p.m. Martin invites with a parade. In Maria Gail and Villach-Heiligenkreuz, St. Martin’s Day at 17:00 and Villach-St. Josef, St. Martin’s Day celebrations will be held with parades on November 12 at 17:00.

Central Carinthia

St. Martin’s parade is Friday in St. It took place in the Veit/Glan neighborhood. Feldkirchen Parish Association takes you to the following St. Martin’s Day celebrations: Gurk (11 November, 16:30), Himmelberg (11 November, 17:00), Strasbourg (11 November, 16:45, meeting point: Gasthaus Krainer) and Zweikirchen (11 November, 17:00) .

Upper Carinthia

In Upper Carinthia, among other events, a St. Martin’s Day festival is celebrated in Irschen (November 11, 17:30).

Lower Carinthia

In Lower Carinthia, Pölling (11 November, 17:45) and St. Marein (November 14, 17:00, meeting point in kindergarten) neighborhoods take you to St. Martin’s parades and celebrations.

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