A year ago Pascal Lercher (18) was the epitome of the Rüsthausfest in Brückl. A total of 33 new potential stem cell donors were added to the donor database of the “Giving for Life” association. “It was a spontaneous idea,” says Lercher, who completed his apprenticeship as a mechatronics engineer at Treibacher Industrie AG and has been a member of the Brückler fire brigade since 2021.

It was a “big surprise” for him that the 18-year-old, who loves playing football, was now accepted as a donor: “I wasn’t expecting this,” says Lercher, who was born in Graz on November 13. University Blood Group Serology and Transfusion Medicine Clinic took a blood sample and donated stem cells. “It all happened very quickly. I was there at 8 o’clock and finished again at 12,” says Lercher, who came with his mother.

“It doesn’t cost anything”

The young firefighter recommends getting tested to everyone who can. “It doesn’t cost anything, and that’s a good thing,” says Lercher, whose stem cell donation gave a middle-aged Australian woman a chance at survival. If he wishes, he can also contact his donor. “It’s a good feeling to know you were able to save someone’s life,” Lercher says. He had never had a job like this in the fire department. “Fortunately,” he says. Lercher will also be presented with a lifeguard certificate from the “Giving for Life” association on November 18.

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