El cofundador y responsable de ChatGPT se convierte en el primer parado de la IA

Artificial intelligence is today a resource highly sought after by most professions, but sometimes, many people feel rejection or fear of it because they feel “replaced by machines.”

It is estimated that it enters 10 and 15 million people they’ll be goodbyes in the next 10 years only in the United States.

The first to suffer this consequence was Saint Altman, co-founder and head of the application, whose departure is considered “not very futuristic.”

Own board of directors of the OpenAI entity was the one who decided to dismiss Altman himself, something totally unexpected where, furthermore, its forms and substance have been typical of a professional execution rather than a dismissal.

The explanation they give to all this from OpenAI is that the dismissed manager “has not been sincere on repeated occasions” to the administration that finally terminated losing confidence in the same.

From Microsoft they learned of Altman’s departure a few minutes before it occurred. The 38-year-old co-founder controlled almost 50% of the company. So far they have not offered him the opportunity to be an advisor to the company or to maintain any type of connection with it.

Despite all this and just a few hours since his dismissal, San Altman is trying negotiate return to lead OpenAI and reconnect with the company.

Source: Antena3


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