Five years ago in the summer, Christina Klautzer (28) from Lavamünd and St. They met Jürgen Freigassner (29) from Magersdorf in Andrä and fell in love. On May 1, 2022, at the meeting place in Klagenfurt, the mechanic also asked to marry his chosen one. After planning for the wedding began in November last year, the duo celebrated their love affair in St. Petersburg on September 9 this year. He sealed it in a formal ceremony held in Andrä and at the church in Lamm. Christian Theuermann and his girlfriend Mechtildis Kaufmann accompanied the wedding with music. “The surprise poems read by the children of the wedding guests and my mother-in-law were a special occasion for us,” says the bride. However, the wedding guests had another surprise: “They released the pigeons after our wedding. We didn’t know anything about this idea before.”

The celebration was later held in St. It took place at the Sieber inn in Andrä with the participation of approximately 60 guests. “It was great weather and a great day,” enthuses the nursing assistant specialist social worker, who took her husband’s surname and is currently at home caring for their eleven-month-old daughter, Valentina. “We will always remember this day.” The newlyweds live together in Magersdorf. The family spent their honeymoon in Caorle.

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