A total of four Adeg stores will reopen in Völkermarkt under the name “Nah & Frisch”. In mid-November it was the turn of the two supermarkets in Mittlern and Tainach. Now it’s time for the next two Adeg markets: St. Michael ob Bleiburg and Ruden have been closed for renovations since Saturday. These two stores will reopen on November 23 under the name “Nah & Frisch”.

Independent cooperative Adeg Wolfsberg will withdraw from the food wholesale business at the end of the year. In order to ensure local supply with the current staff, a cooperation model was developed with the university group, including “Nah & Frisch”. In the “medium term” these markets should continue to exist under the leadership of independent traders.

Shopping with self-service payment method

By the way: All new “Nah & Frisch” stores will have a self-service checkout system, so customers will be able to shop after the store closes until 20:00 and even during the lunch break, the frequency of which varies from store to store. Customers scan the items themselves and pay with a debit card. If there is no staff, you can enter the stores monitored by video using your ATM card or mobile application.

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