Criticism and discontent emerge among Carinthian farmers Determinations of the Administrative Court (VwGH) regarding the release of silo bales to the field outside. Accordingly, this is prohibited and storage is permitted only on the farm or in approved storage areas. The reason: It is not clear in the Carinthian Nature Conservation Law that the storage of foil-wrapped silo bales is exempt from the permit requirement. Many farmers complained that this was impractical Chamber of Agriculture of Carinthia.

Now the state has reacted: nature conservationist, state councilor Sara Schaar (SPÖ) and agriculture official, state deputy governor Martin Gruber (ÖVP), worked in close coordination with the farming group to draft a decree to which the relevant passage would apply. It was made more specific in the Carinthian Nature Conservation Act. Accordingly, it is now possible to temporarily store silage bales in open countryside for a maximum of one year, outside the red danger zone of wetlands and rivers, even without a nature conservation permit. Intermediate storage is generally prohibited here.

Gruber, Schaar and Huber (from left to right) developed a temporary solution for storing silo bales on site


Implementation by decree made it possible to achieve legal certainty quickly, whereas legal regulation would take months due to deadlines. Chamber of Agriculture President Siegfried Huber and Gruber are satisfied with the agreement. This situation makes clear that “when you come together on equal terms, you can quickly reach workable solutions,” Schaar says.

There are plans to make changes to the law

Gruber, Huber and Schaar agreed that temporary storage of agricultural and forest products should be included in the law with the next amendment to the Nature Protection Act. Huber: “In all federal states there are legal exceptions to the open countryside storage of goods harvested as part of proper agriculture and forestry. “That’s our goal in Carinthia.”

Carinthia team boss Gerhard Köfer welcomed the decision. “This is a necessary transitional solution and must now be quickly followed up with a clear legal regulation through the relevant law,” says Köfer, noting that this regulation will also be available in Austria’s other federal states: “Carinthia can also use other states as a state.” Get a role model or guidance.

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