Tres consejos de un experto para evitar estafas durante el Black Friday

Black Friday 2023 has arrived and with it, the perfect opportunity for cybercriminals steal your personal or banking data while making an online purchase. Javier SanzCEO of the ADSLzone group, explains for the Antena 3 Noticias Newsletter some of the keys to prevent you from being a victim of Internet fraud during Black Friday 2023.

“Like every year, online purchases will skyrocket at this time and even more so this year when we have high inflation,” he says. And the reason is clear: thousands of people will take advantage of this day to carry out the Christmas shopping.

Javier Sanz launches several tips for those who, instead of going to the physical store, choose to buy the product they want in the virtual store. “I would tell you that once you have clicked on the offer, compare prices in recognized stores and before making the purchase, make sure you do so in a store that really has prestige, especially one that is recognized,” recommends Sanz.

The three tips

1.- Keep an eye on the lesser-known stores

The cybersecurity expert warns of the number of companies that impersonate others and whose offers are exactly the same as those of distinguished stores. He advises making purchases “in stores that are recognized” and that “we avoid other companies that may be less popular.” “It is a form of avoid scams“, says.

The Civil Guard has already warned that scammers have the perfect opportunity to deceive during Black Friday. They assure that it is better to be suspicious when everything seems too good, pretty and cheap. “The only thing they are looking for is for users to enter data such as their credit card number,” warns Sanz.

The last scam they warn about is that of a website created with artificial intelligence. They have supplanted 250 brands and it is estimated that these cybercriminals have already acted in about 80 countries.

2.- Be careful with ads

“We have to be very careful with the offers that we can see advertised on social networks.” The CEO of ADSLzone explains that scammers are going to take advantage of the day of big discounts “to advertise very succulent offers and thus steal personal data or even make unwanted charges.”

A few months ago, a team from Antena 3 Noticias discovered how there was a misleading page that launched a super offer on mattresses at 1.95 euros. The people who cheated ended up paying that money and at the same time, they signed up for an online payment service that inadvertently charged them a certain amount monthly.

3.- Avoid compulsiveness

Javier Sanz recommends that, to avoid being a victim of a cyber attack this Friday, you must “avoid the compulsivity when making purchases”. The Organization of Consumers and Users warns that the average spending this Black Friday it will be 237 euros“20 euros more than they spent last year at this time,” they say.

Source: Antena3


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