Cuidado con la ‘estafa de los famosos’: usan inteligencia artificial para recomendar productos milagro

You are browsing the internet when suddenly you come across a video in which a news presenter tells very shocking news: a magic formula has been discovered in a cream that can eliminate all your back and bone pain just by applying the product. . Below, a number of doctors and reputed medical experts recommend the cream with different arguments.

At the end of the video, one of the doctors asks the viewer to enter the link that appears in that publication to buy the cream. It’s all a scam, they want you to follow the link to generate ‘phishing’, they will ask you for your bank details to buy the cream and they will keep your money.

Sandra Golpe impersonated

Our colleague Sandra Golpe has been one of the victims of the celebrity scam. They have used her image, impersonating her identity to make users believe that she has said something that she has never said. That video has never been produced on the set of Antena 3 Noticias, neither she nor all the doctors who then recommend the cream have said those words. However, many people think so and may fall for the scam.

They use numerous applications, many of them free, to create the scam. Rafa López, an expert in artificial intelligence, tells us that these scams with artificial intelligence They are more frequent every daywhich implies that society must increasingly doubt what is found on the internet.

Explain that in those applications you can clone your voice of any famous person. You simply have to enter a series of videos into the application with the person you want to clone speaking and the system automatically offers you to write the text you want, then the famous person will say whatever you want with their real tone of voice.

Discover the deception

Artificial intelligence experts recommend users doubt everything we see and look at some details to ensure if the video is real or not. For example, the tone of the voice may seem different, the voice and the image are out of time, or the person’s lips do not immediately match what they are saying. Also pay attention to the labels or the assembly because sometimes it is not 100% perfect and scammers make spelling mistakes.

Actors like Martiño Rivas, Antonio Resines or athletes like Fernando Alonso or Marc Márquez. They have also been victims of the bitcoin scam with their image. The steps are the same, in this case the scammer uses the image of these people with a photo, for example going to a successful program like El Hormiguero, and they create with artificial intelligence a news item exactly like the website of important media.

There they explain that these celebrities have discovered an investment in cryptocurrencies that will make you a millionaire. It’s all a lie, they have never said that but many people fall for the credibility that these personalities give them and end up scamming them.

Source: Antena3


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