Compradores ansiosos, carreras y empujones: los mayores descuentos de este Black Friday

Shopping and sales have changed a lot in recent years. Surely you remember that moment, at the door of the department store, first thing in the morning, when people were rushing. Practically the same, the same fever to buy cheap, is produced today for Black Friday. History repeats itself: although most purchases are made by Internetthere’s also queues in many stores to get bargains.

Anxious buyers, running, pushing… “This is crazy!” one of the customers shouts. They don’t even wait for the blinds to be raised while shouting “A euro, gentlemen!” We see falls, a lady ends up on the ground. It seems that they give them away and, indeed, for less than the cost of a coffee this woman gets a sofa: “I’m so happy!” Of course, he got up quite early. “She’s been in line since two in the morning!” says the saleswoman. All for the bargains. There are chairs, shelves, tables, lamps, sofas, all kinds of furniture to choose from. 1 euro. Only the fastest manage to catch something in the ‘Black Friday‘.

The biggest bargain: furniture for 1 euro

In this store Grenade They have thrown the house out the window. Furniture at 1 euro. One of the first in line tells us that she arrived at 8 in the afternoon. “With blankets and everything. We wear our pajamas underneath,” says another client. The manager, Natalia, assures that “there are people who have spent the night here. At 9:30 at night we already had people at the door,” she assures.

The street has been full since the day before and some fight, confesses a girl who is in line: “People have cut in, yes.” There were about 400 people at 8 in the morning to be the first. That is the price to pay. Although this is the exception. The truth is that the business focuses on online commerceand this is what traditional stores complain about.

We visited several shopping centers Valencia and Barcelona. We found many people carrying bags and queues to pay. A woman assures us that she has already spent 500 eurosothers who have seen 30% discounts and many take the opportunity to shop Christmas gifts and thus save money.

Beware of false discounts

Although many no longer trust discounts. “It gives the impression that they are lowering them, but no,” says a man. There are those who have compared the price days before to see if they really lowered it. The OCU warns us to be very attentive to the false discounts.

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