As we all know, the period we are in is quite challenging. It is all the more impressive that so many people in Carinthia and East Tyrol face these challenges in various areas of daily life and achieve great and wonderful things. In the annual elections for “Presidents of the Year 2023” we have traditionally dedicated ourselves – with your active help – to these people.

You are invited to send us suggestions between November 5th and 19th. In our opinion, among the many candidates we have selected, there are some very good candidates who will participate in your election between now and midnight on December 31st.

The vote is divided into four “major regions”: East Tyrol/Upper Carinthia, Feldkirchen/St. Veit, Völkermarkt/Wolfsberg and Klagenfurt/Villach are here with the support of the Kärnten Music Association and the five categories of culture, entrepreneurship, sports, young talents and strong personalities. In each of these categories, we’ve selected five that we’ll feature for your region on the following pages. Of course, every single one of them deserved to win, so you’re a loser in that regard. the pain of choice.

The person who gets the most votes from you will soon be able to call himself the “President of the Year 2023.” By the way, you’ll find out who won at the end of January.